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0.00 TRON
Lockbox Balance
0.00 TRON
Lockbox Holder
0.00 TRON
Total Withdrawn
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NutBank is built for longtime saving
Your lock deposit can be withdrawn anytime
Deposit tron in the lockbox to activate daily rewards

Get started instantly, You are never late and get rewarded forever. here

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0.000 TRON

Note : By Withdrawing from your lockbox fund,You exit nutbank and future rewards stop. You can withdraw 100% of your fund without any fee .

Deposit Tron In The LockBox

Minimum deposit is 100 tron
Input the amount to Deposit


84% to the LockBox, 12% Contract (if Refferal used 10%) , 4% general fee.

Your Reward Earning

0.000 TRON

Withdarw anytime, 3% stays in the contract , 4% grenral fee, On compound 84 goes to LockBox and 15% to the contract

Your Total Earnings Withdrawn

0.000 TRON

Global Rewards Avaliable

0.000 TRON

Current Daily Percent

3% : 50,000 TRX
5% : 50,000 TRX
7.5% : 100,000 TRX
10.5% : 150,000 TRX
15.5% : 150,000 TRX

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0.000 TRON

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